‘Weaved Seats’  presented in TWDW - Taiwan designers’ week ‘16 in Taipei, September 23rd until October 2nd. ​​​​​​​
About the Exhibition 
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The project unites and bonds tradition, shape and technology. The words ‘Weaved Seats’, together and apart, were the heart of the project. In the course of designing, I wanted to combine my concept of the natural-raw Rattan, practically and culturally, with the chair components: an encounter of shapes, functionality and comfort.
As a designer I’m inspired by materials, that in our perception come from different worlds, and how with a different context and my own personal love to details, I could create a fresh bond, that is functional and contemporary.
Design Process
I’ve explored weaving from different angles, looking into its potential in furniture and in 3D morphology. I’ve started experiencing weaving, restrained and meticulous at first, but as time went by, I’ve started pushing the material to its limits. This process taught me a lot about Rattan’s characteristics, the possibilities that lay within its durability and resistance, and of course, its boundaries.
The challenge was in the seat itself: bringing Rattan, which is culturally perceived as old-fashioned, into the living room, with a new personal touch.
I’ve manufactured several prototypes combining traditional weaving with a more modern loose style, while maintaining the strong constructive abilities of the material. Shaping dozens of stools and chairs using different weaving techniques, led me to a ‘saddle’ form. Its simple shape intrigued me, and I have decided it will be a main concept in both seats, once for seating and once for leaning back.
Weaved seat is part of my graduation project from the Industrial design department in Holon Institute of Technology 2016. Advisor- Eilon Armon
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